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When you place an Import Order with CBI you are committing to those individual item quantities specifically being created for you by our vendor. Import ordering is very valuable as it allows you to enjoy deeper import discounts on these items.

When discussing Import order shipping it's best to think of a shipping window and not a shipping date. Generally, an Import Order shipping window would include an Earliest Ship date of your goods as soon as 4 to 5 months and a Latest Ship date of goods arriving at 6 to 8 months. While this explanation's timeframe is a good general rule of thumb, there may be external situations that could cause Earliest and Latest Ship dates to have to be modified. Learn the difference between a stock and import order.

When you place a Stock order with CBI your order will be filled by inventory that is in our warehouse.

Stock orders can ship approximately 5 business days after the day the order was confirmed and finalized by you. Learn the difference between a stock and import order.
The Earliest and Latest Ship Dates is your way as the customer to tell us when the best window of time is for us to ship your order to your location. As an example you would not want to receive your Christmas order in May but you would also not want us to ship your Christmas order in December. In this situation an Earliest Ship date of August 1st and a Latest Ship date of October 31st seems appropriate.
Acceptable methods of payment: Cashiers check, money order, cash, wire transfer, check or credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express & Mastercard). Cardholder is required to complete the “CREDIT CARD SALES AGREEMENT” form.
To change your billing or shipping address simply contact your Account Representative with the updated information.
A State Sales And Use Tax Certificate is an official document that is provided to your business by the state that your business exists in. Depending on the state you live in, it can also be called a reseller’s permit, reseller’s license, reseller’s certificate, resale license, sales tax ID or sales tax permit. This document will prevent you as a business from paying sales tax on the items that you purchase from CBI and you will need it to become a customer of ours. This is not an EIN tax number.
- You must have a State Sales & Use Tax Certificate. (This is not your EIN tax number.)
- Your first minimum order amount is $500. Minimum reorder is $250.
- Most of our items are sold by the case. Generally, most ribbons can be purchased in lots of 24 rolls.
Minimum Purchase:
• Minimum Purchase for a "New Customer" $500.
• Minimum Re-Order Purchase $250.

Initial Orders With Approved Credit:
• Net 30 on stock and import orders, up to credit limit.
• Container Direct U.S.A. Program – Net 30, up to credit limit.
• Container Direct FOB Foreign Port Program – Net 10, up to credit limit.

Initial Orders Without Approved Credit:
• Stock orders - payment in full prior to shipment
• Import orders and Container Direct orders - 30% deposit, payment in full due prior to shipment

Established Customers: (Net 30 Terms)
• Stock and Import orders – Net 30 days
• Container Direct U.S.A. – Net 30 days
• Container Direct FOB Foreign Port – Net 10 days
• Sample Purchase – Net 30 days

Custom Orders:
Custom orders cannot be canceled once confirmed and placed with the manufacturer. In the event you must cancel, your 50% deposit is forfeited, and additional charges may apply. If you decide to cancel your custom order after it has been received in the CBI warehouse and is ready to ship, you will be charged a 100% re-stock fee. Customer may be charged up to the total custom order value if order is canceled.

Large Volume Orders:
Import orders that contain individual items with a net value being equal to; or exceeding $2,000, if canceled will be assessed a 50% re-stock fee.

International Customers:
A 30% deposit and special financing may be required. The above represents the standard terms and conditions which will apply to most customers. Craig Bachman Imports, Inc. reserves the right to adjust the requirements based on the credit investigation or other considerations.

General Conditions:
• A finance charge of 1.5% per month is assessed on all past due invoices.
• Orders will not be processed for customers on credit hold.
• Deposits are NOT refundable unless Craig Bachman Imports Inc. is unable to fulfill the order before the cancellation date. In the event of an order requiring multiple shipments, the deposit will be pro-rated against each shipment.
• If the order balance or account balance exceeds the approved credit limit, additional deposit or payment on account is required.
• Acceptable methods of payment: Cashiers check, money order, cash, wire transfer, check or credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express & Mastercard). Cardholder is required to complete the “CREDIT CARD SALES AGREEMENT” form.

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