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Spring Decor And Accents

Spring is a time for fresh starts and renewal.
To represent this our showroom designer has developed multiple decor piece kits to accentuate the renewal feeling.
These items could make great kits for your customers and creative point of purchase displays in your shop.

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Soft Relaxed Morning

Great in the middle of the kitchen island or a centerpiece for your favorite coffee nook on a soft relaxed morning.  

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Bountiful Garden

The rows of carrots are always at risk with a few mischievous rabbits bouncing about in the bountiful garden.

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A Helping Hand

Nature comes alive and the flowers fragrance begins to dance in the breeze. Rabbits stir about and offering a helping hand.

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Spring Is In The Air

The first time you open the windows and the gentle warm breeze whisps thru followed by the sound of the birds chirping from the newly budding branchs. Spring is in the air.

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Momma And Me

The fragrance of the flowers draw you into the rustic nature of the lantern while being comforted by Momma And Me.  

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A Spring Basket

A medely of items that lets you imagine the warm days to come with nature rejuvenating around us... A Spring Basket.  A medley of items that lets you imagine the warm days to come with nature rejuvenating around us... A Spring Basket.  

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Light Of The World

A white lantern adorned with a royal purple bouguet that showcases signs of Easter and helps us reflect on the Light Of The World. 

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Playful And Fresh

A mother watches over her child as tall green grasses blow in the sweet, warm wind. This is Playful And Fresh.

CBI customer is responsible for packaging items into indivdual decor kits. All item purchases from CBI will be a minimum of one case per item.

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